I love my 6x6, plus the freedom it has given me. I’ve been using it on a regular basis since receiving it approximately 4 years ago (last year approx. 380 hours) and realise what I was missing out on for the 20 years previous. I live close to a lake in rural NZ and am able to go down with my mobility dog whenever we want to get out and give him some exercise, without worrying about getting stuck, plus it gets me out into the fresh air on a more regular basis. What more can I say except if you have been thinking about getting one, do it, you won’t regret it. Ladies it is not just for the guys, as I was once a female city slicker and now living rural and I love my 6x6.


Hi! My name is Jonas. I own a 6x6 All terrain Kemcare Explorer. I have driven this chair constantly over many difficult terrains for the past two-and-a-half years. I refer to it as my “terrific toy tank” because of its amazing capabilities. My toy tank has a multi purpose use. I use is on and around two properties – in the Far North and Auckland City.

My Far North rural property has hilly, rugged forestry terrain. Having the toy has enabled me to access – explore – work and enjoy my property in comfort and ease.

In Auckland I am able to access different lifestyle activities – like beaches – bush walks – uneven terrain that is not possible for the average wheelchair user.

The chair is safe – stable and strong.