The ProTone™ is a high quality, independent fitness solution for wheelchair users. An all new, affordably priced commercial quality fitness machine, designed specifically to allow people with disabilities to independently gain strength, stay fit, healthy and happy. Strength training is the way to get stronger, and stronger means easier and safer transfers, position adjustments, chair movements, and virtually all daily activities. The unique design of the handles provide the ultimate workout for those with limited gripping capabilities.


Sliding and hand crank adjustments with no-grip locking knobs and handles allow for easily manipulation and adjustment to accomodate almost any user – including power chair users, and those with quadriplegia. The versatility of the ProTone™ allows you to exercise facing into or away from the machine, one side or two sides as time. It’s designed to work for YOU.


Ideal for rehabilitation centres, hospitals, gyms and more, the Protone™ offers commercial quality at a home gym price!